Mastodon Say Their Thanksgiving T-Shirt Is Not Racist

Mastodon Say Their Thanksgiving T-Shirt Is Not Racist

Atlanta sludge-metal outfit Mastodon have some new merch for sale, including a Thanksgiving t-shirt that some are claiming is racist.

The tee highlights the atrocities of American colonialism by depicting a pilgrim holding a musket to the head of a scantily clad Native American woman. As Pitchfork points out, Mastodon have responded to criticism with this Facebook post:

Regarding our thanks giving shirt, whether you choose to believe or not, the American Indians were massacred by the white settlers who became the Americans we are today. ?this shirt represents this atrocity and celebrating in the face of this atrocity is chilling. ??we may have a sick sense of humor, but we are far from being “Racist” as some of you who might not get it are calling us.

The t-shirt is available at in a limited edition.

If you’re looking for more seasonally appropriate merch that is just ugly, not racist, check out these.

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