Primal Scream – “Goodbye Johnny” Video

In May Primal Scream released More Light, a groovy, hypnotic album reminiscent of their music from the late ’80s. They’ve already released videos for “2013” and “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” and now there’s a clip for “Goodbye Johnny” designed and directed by creative director of Another Man magazine, Alister Mackie. The video resembles the Warhol Screen Tests, with frontman Bobby Gillespie lookalikes lip-syncing while the “Loaded” music video, off of their hit 1991 album Screamadelica, is projected over them. Despite shooting the video in the Backstreet Club, London’s original gay sex club, the video’s oozing sexiness wouldn’t be complete without two over-the-top glamorous drag queens, seducing the camera with big feathered fans. The video suits the sounds; with an eerie circus-like melody and bluesy sax solos, the lookalikes and drag queens move their heads and hips as if to a salsa. Check out the video for “Goodbye Johnny” below.