Beats Music Launching Next Month

News of Trent Reznor’s involvement in a streaming service from Beats By Dre — “a platform in which the machine and the human would collide more intimately,” per Reznor — has been circulating for well over a year now, and it looks like those plans are finally coming to fruition. In a letter posted to his personal blog today (via CoS), CEO Ian Rogers promised that Beats Music (FKA Daisy) would launch in January 2014 — as in, one month from now. No mention of Reznor, though. Quoth Rogers:

Beats Music is real.
We’re in an internal, private beta with people who know and love music (including a few of my personal heroes).
We’re providing a few artists and other influencers access to familiarize them with the service and get their early feedback.
We’re making improvements based on that feedback.
We can’t wait to share it with the world, and are set to launch in the US in January.

Users are encouraged to head to now and reserve their username of choice. (Apologies to the Louisiana photographer and the Pennsylvania rapper, but I just took chrisdeville.) They’re also hiring, so there’s that. Otherwise, nothing much to speak of at the site yet.