Homosexual Relationship Edited Out Of Morrissey’s Autobiography In The U.S.

Morrissey’s much-discussed memoir Autobiography came out in Europe first, but now there’s an American edition out. And according to people who have compared the two, the American version is markedly different from the European version, especially in one big way. The book discusses the two-year relationship that Morrissey had with photographer Jake Owen Walters in the ’90s, but, as SPIN reports, the American edition of the book downplays that relationship. Plenty of details have been altered: A photograph of Walters as a boy is gone, Walters’ name has been edited out of one narrative, and various other changes have been made. It’s not currently known whether the changes came from Morrissey himself or from the book’s U.S. publisher G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

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