!!! – “And Anyway It’s Christmas”

The last image anyone probably associates with !!! is a crackling fireplace, but that’s the only thing we get in the 3:42 video for the dance-punk veterans’ new sentimental holiday single “And Anyway It’s Christmas.” For that matter, !!! is probably the last band anyone expects to release a sentimental holiday single. (More like ???, amirite?) But here it is, a smooth and heartsick disco ballad laced with twinkly percussion and keyboard sounds that could pass for jingle bells. “And Anyway It’s Christmas” is somewhat reminiscent of that Pulp song James Murphy produced or the eternally wistful and effortlessly graceful Sergio & Benoit, meaning you should certainly give it a spin. Who knew these guys had it in them?

!!!’s THR!!!ER is out now via Warp.