Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we revealed our list of The 50 Best Albums Of 2013. Was it the same as your list? If you’re Noel Gallagher, probably not! We also published a long, behind-the-scenes profile of the Walkmen’s last days before their extreme hiatus. Did you like it? Y/y? Answer Y to receive more long, behind-the-scenes profiles next year. Elsewhere, James Murphy garnered some advance buzz for Best Coffee Of 2014, Eddie Vedder shaved off a fan’s dreads, and, in a move reminiscent of last month’s hottest topic, Jay Z and Beyoncé temporarily went vegan (but not to protest animal cruelty or anything). Speaking of meat, there was no Shut Up, Dude last week because of Thanksgiving (apologies to Morrissey … and Mastodon) so comments from both this week and last week were eligible for this countdown. Check out the winners and losers below.



Kevin Broydrick | Dec 4th Score:32

Better hope the changes came from Morrissey, or else somebody’s gonna get a VERY angry open letter…

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Kevin Broydrick | Nov 25th Score:32

If it was Kristen Wiig and Elizabeth Banks making out on a motorcycle with one of them playing Kanye and the other playing Kim doing a SHOT FOR SHOT REMAKE OF A TERRIBLE MUSIC VIDEO it would be just as funny. If it was Jay Cutler and Kristen Cavalari, for example, it would be just as funny.

The gender of the parody-ers is not important, what’s important is how hard they work to sell it. It’s clear they really did do some work on this (watch the two videos side by side, it really is shot for shot) so the whole “this is lazy just because I’m looking for something to be miffed about” argument is unnecessary pot-stirring to me.

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Jonathan Daniels | Dec 5th Score:32

Say what you will about the man, but he has always been a hilarious interview.

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Simon Chapman | Dec 3rd Score:32

I’d have Vampire Weekend at no. 1, seriously already one of my favourite albums of all time, and I feel James Blake is a big omission here. Still, this list just reminded me how great a year it was for music.

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#6 michael_ | Nov 26th Score:33

You’re also giving him too much credit posting the cool rock star-looking pic of him. He looks way more like a shady pedo in his mugshot:

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#5 eighteenk | Dec 3rd Score:34

I’m a little bit disappointed this list isn’t just Government Plates at 50, Matangi at 49, then 47 pictures of Kanye’s face followed by Yeezus at 1.

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David Fox | Dec 3rd Score:44

I understand that Yeezus is pretty great, challenging and uncompromising music. But album of the year, particularly this year, really? The lyrics are just too weak for it to hold that title for me. Props for Deafheaven’s deservedly high ranking, though.

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#2 seanpen15 | Nov 27th Score:45

Goin’ for the worst this week?

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Alex Lees | Nov 27th Score:56

This was a bad idea

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#5 Renaton | Nov 25th Score:-17

Why should be it hard to watch? And why do people think replacing a straight couple with two men is necessarily funny? I would agree if the execution was really more than just “LOL, two men making out like Kim and Kanye”, but it isn’t. I didn’t think it was funny. And no, I’m not being over-sensistive. I think there’s probably some form in which Franco and Rogen making out on a motorcycle could be funny. But it wasn’t this. I thought it was kind of a lazy parody.

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#4 velvet1965 | Dec 3rd Score:-18

insert contradictory personal best albums list comment HERE.

but seriously, that National album sucks. a lot.

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#3 velvet1965 | Dec 3rd Score:-22

no self-respecting National fan likes the new album. you either have incredibly low standards, or are wholly unfamiliar with all of their work. they are capable of far better, and i cannot comprehend how it can be mentioned in year-end album lists.

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#2 vfunct | Dec 3rd Score:-44

I think we can all agree that music sucked this year.

It’s like everyone decided to give up, and pump out either factory junk or the lamest indie shit.

Nothing was really inspiring. There is nothing iconic anymore.

All the music here will be forgotten next year.

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#1 michael_ | Nov 27th Score:-56

You could have just saved yourself a ton of time and ranked it all as “overrated.”

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johnnyfuckhead | Nov 25th Score:3

I can’t believe nobody made a comment about this picture yet. I mean, what’s the deal with that white coat?

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