The Flaming Lips, Ke$ha, & New Fumes – “Elizabeth My Dear” (The Stone Roses Cover)

Back in February we wrote about the Flaming Lips and friends’ plans for a track-for-track tribute to the Stone Roses’ self-titled debut album. Then last month, Wayne Coyne revealed the tracklist (which had four tracks each with Playing Hide And Seek With The Ghosts Of Dawn collaborators New Fumes and Stardeath And White Dwarfs) along with the release date (Record Store Day) for the album, which was to be titled The Time Has Come To Shoot You Down … What A Sound. But mysteriously missing from the list of collaborators was Coyne comrade Ke$ha, who New Fumes had already confirmed was on the album:

Did the pop star’s label (the Dr. Luke-run Kemosabe) forbid it, like they seemed to have done with the nixed Lips/Ke$ha collab Lip$ha?

Some fans seem to think so…

The good news is that Ke$ha actually does appear on The Time Has Come To Shoot You Down. She’s just uncredited. Take a listen to a vinyl rip of the Flaming Lips with New Fumes and Ke$ha covering the Stone Roses’ “Elizabeth My Dear” below.

The Time Has Come To Shoot You Down … What A Sound vinyl was released on Black Friday in a limited edition of 500. There are a bunch of copies on eBay.

Free Ke$ha.