Watch Lykke Li Soundtrack Ed Norton’s Weird Droid Commercial

I watched a LOT of football this weekend, and in between all the exhilarating collegiate conference championship games and wild snow-addled NFL action and agonizing Buckeyes/Browns despair, they kept airing this Droid commercial with Edward Norton. The concept is that Droid batteries last 48 hours, and Norton gets a lot of juice out of his throughout a very eventful couple of days involving a seedy karaoke bar, a swallowed safety deposit box key, a plane crash, a Deliverance-style backwoods torture scene, and a high-stakes backroom Connect 4 game. Soundtracking a portion of the ad was Lykke Li’s superb 2010 single “Get Some.” It’s a bit like Fight Club crossed with The Hangover, and you can watch it below.

In other Norton news that will undoubtedly appeal to Stereogum readers, he has a role in Wes Anderson’s latest intricately affected ensemble piece The Grand Budapest Hotel, due out 3/7/14.