Watch Killer Mike & El-P Respond To YouTube Comments

YouTube comments are a murky water to wade through, but Killer Mike & El-P have decided to address some of the ones people left on their video for the incredible roundhouse kick of a track “36 Chain.” Considering that these two have the best bromance of any rap duo right now, it’s fun to watch them do anything together. Some choice quotes:

On Williamsburg
Killer Mike: “I’m talking about women on bikes, with Woody Allen glass, and fat asses.”

On being accused of sounding like Timbaland
El-P: “I come from a lineage of people who appreciate that stuff and I also know it’s not about what you’re using, but how you’re using it. Sometimes we use different references that are even familiar and reappropriate them for our own purposes. It’s called hip-hop.”

On El-P losing weight
Killer Mike: “He has! Thank you for saying that to him!”

To someone claiming Killer Mike doesn’t want “faggot hipster fans”
Killer Mike: “Shout-outs to my gay uncles.”

Watch and learn (via Noisey):

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