Watch Video From Foo Fighters’ Surprise Show At A California Pizza Place

Yelp tells me that Rock & Roll Pizza in Moorpark, CA is where you can enjoy good food and good music. It has “no razzle-dazzle made up garbage” as one person put it, and many promise that with its live music, the place makes for a good way to spend your Friday or Saturday night. Expect that 4 star rating to edge closer to 5 now though, because last night the live entertainment upgraded from “good” to “the fucking Foo Fighters.” And this wasn’t a couple songs. The band played a 2 1/2 hour set, in place of Taylor Hawkins’ side project Chevy Metal who were originally on the bill. One fan was kind enough to take a video of a few songs (“Learn To Fly,” “White Limo,” “Arlandria”) or as they put it, provide “just a taste” (10/10 pizza pun!). If only Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band would start doing this. The concert was the Foos’ first since last fall, and served as practice for a couple of upcoming dates in Mexico City with the National opening. A new Foos album is expected next year and Dave Grohl recently told Rolling Stone, they’re “doing it in a way that no one’s done before.” Watch the video from last night’s show below.