Giorgio Moroder – “Tony’s Theme (Scarface 30th Anniversary Remix)”

In some secluded cabin somewhere, a curious type has found an old book of incantations and somehow read aloud the one spell that would reawaken a sleeping giant. That, at least, is the best explanation I can imagine for the reemergence of Giorgio Moroder, the Italo-disco genius who recently started DJing again and who has returned to dance-music production, doing things like telling his life story on a Daft Punk song and remixing HAIM. Back in his original run, when he wasn’t making amazing earthshaking anthems with Donna Summer and others, Moroder was a film-music composer and an important figure in the early-’80s moment when synths brilliantly replaced orchestra’s on movie soundtracks. Moroder did the music for Brian De Palma’s 1983 film Scarface, every rapper’s favorite movie. And now he’s remixed his own track “Tony’s Theme” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie, turning it into a fired-up blog-house thing with lots of samples of Al Pacino yelling. Hear it below.

If you get a chance to hit a Moroder DJ gig, for god’s sake, go.