Cibo Matto – “MFN” (Feat. Reggie Watts) Video

In that lost halcyon era known as the ’90s, Cibo Matto were two Japanese women living in New York (plus, sometimes, Sean Lennon) who made songs, frequently about food, that borrowed from kitschy ’60s pop and clubby rap. It’s weird to think about this now, but they once seemed like the coolest band on the face of the planet. Other than the odd reunion show, they’ve been on hiatus ever since releasing their Stereo Type A album in 1999. And now they’re back! The group will release the new album Hotel Valentine — apparently a concept LP about ghosts in love in a hotel — early next year, and they’ve already got a video for “MFN,” a collaboration with the beatboxing comedian Reggie Watts. Check out the hyperactive, colorful, Georgia-directed clip below.

(via Pitchfork)

Hotel Valentine is out 2/14 (naturally) on Chimera Music.