Watch South Park Parody Kanye Again

Back in 2009, South Park aired an episode based around the idea that Kanye West is actually a gay fish, or that he’s so insecure that a joke about him being a gay fish would be enough to plunge him into an identity crisis. That episode, one of the most famous in the show’s history, led to a shockingly honest and non-pissed blog response from Kanye, though he did later threaten to “choke a South Park writer with a fish stick” on record. (This was the same album where Kanye said “Fuck SNL and they whole staff.” Bill Hader: twice dissed!) Well, Kanye now has more reason to get weirdly, conflictedly upset. Last night’s South Park season finale, titled “The Hobbit,” featured the return of Kanye, now a “recovering gay fish” engaged to Kim Kardashian. This one, built around ideas of Photoshop and body-image issues, is more targeted at Kim than at Kanye, but there’s still plenty of stuff in there, including a “Bound 2” parody. (If that response time strikes you as impressive, there’s also a bit about Time naming Pope Francis as its Man Of The Year. That happened yesterday.) Watch a clip below.

You can watch the full episode, which is so funny that I can’t remember why I stopped watching South Park regularly, at South Park Studios.