Carcass – “Unfit For Human Consumption” Video

The awesome new Carcass album Surgical Steel was included on both Stereogum’s Top 50 Metal Albums Of 2013 list and our general-interest Top 50 Albums Of 2013 list. It’s a great record! As you no doubt already know, Surgical Steel was the band’s first new LP in 17 years — their last was 1996’s Swan Song — and now they’ve released a new video, for Surgical Steel track “Unfit For Human Consumption,” also their first in 17 years (the last was this clip for Swan Song track “Keep On Rotting In The Free World”). The video more or less uses Surgical Steel’s cold, shiny, very sharp cover art as a jumping-off point, and while it’s SFW and not overly grotesque, the lesions on Jeff Walker’s face are not exactly appetizing. “Unfit For Human Consumption,” indeed. Dig in just the same.

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