Watch Chance The Rapper’s Social Experiment Tour Promo

One of my favorite songs of the year was “Life Round Here (Remix),” a reworked version of a spooky Overgrown single that matched James Blake’s richly expressive vocals with Chance The Rapper’s gregarious rasp. The pair are allegedly working on more music together including some originals, and now comes a snippet of evidence that their teamwork might include a tweak of arguably the best song Blake’s ever done, “The Wilhelm Scream.”

Over the weekend Chance released a video documenting his recent Social Experiment tour. Throughout the first half of the clip, his band locks into a horn-led rendition of “The Wilhelm Scream.” That song is so amazing as-is that I’d hardly want to hear it tweaked, but these guys haven’t steered us wrong yet. There’s also a quick taste of new music. Watch the video below (and while you’re at it, download his homecoming song “Suitcase” with Vic Mensa here).

Chance’s brilliant Acid Rap cracked the top 10 of our annual best rap albums list and the top 20 of our overall albums list. Crossing our fingers for another project soon.