The 2013 Experience

The Year In Death Grips

Even with all of the dick pics and album leaks and label disputes of 2012, Death Grips never had a more tumultuous year than they did in 2013. It was the year they reached new heights of exposure, after the climb in 2012, and found it not to their liking. This was a year of rejection on the band’s part and confusion on everyone else’s part. We were led on strange internet goose chases, watched avant-garde music videos, and stood baffled staring at empty stages. All this as Death Grips permeated pop culture like never before: We saw them backstage at a Beyoncé concert and get a shout-out on Rachael Ray’s talk show. In their most unpredictable move of the year, they released a stunning new album, Government Plates, and all the frustrations seemed to matter less. In a few years we won’t remember any of the bullshit, and 2013 will just be remembered as the year Death Grips made a really good album and gave it to everyone for free. But here in the present, as the year comes to a close, let’s look back at all the weird shit these guys did. Pull up a chair by the fire, pour out a nice glass of bleach, and let’s begin…

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