Mas Ysa – “Why” Video

Mas Ysa is Thomas Arsenault, an itinerant singer/songwriter/producer currently operating out of Woodstock, New York. Today he announced the details of his debut EP for Downtown Records, Worth, and revealed the video for lead single “Why.” Shot in Woodstock and directed by Arsenault and Natalia Leite, it features Nicholas Arsenault and Ally Schreiber as hockey players battling it out on the ice one-on-one. The song’s a shape-shifting electro-pop number with shades of bursted-lung basement emo and frenetic programmed beats reminiscent of everything from ’80s New Wave pop to ’90s drum ‘n’ bass. Maybe a little Xiu Xiu in there too? But a lot more uplifting than that. Watch below.

(via Pitchfork)

Worth is out 2/4/14 via Downtown. Here’s the tracklist:

01 Vanya
02 Why
03 David Wessels
04 Life Way Up From
05 Worth
06 Shame
07 Ktidal
08 Yes
09 Years