Against Me! – “Black Me Out”

American punk band Against Me!’s long-awaited new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues finally lands next month, and hoo boy, this thing is a motherfucker; as it stands, it’s easily the best 2014 album that I’ve yet heard. We’ve already posted one song, “FUCKMYLIFE666,” and it rules. But the fired-up album closer “Black Me Out” might be even better: A full-blooded frustration roar that proves there’s still plenty of life in straight-up zero-frills punk rock if someone writes a song good enough for it. The way Laura Jane Grace barks the phrase “fat fucking fingers” should be enough to get you through the rest of the work day. Listen below.

(via PunkNews)

Transgender Dysphoria Blues is out 1/21 on the band’s own Total Treble label.

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