Beyoncé – “Grown Woman” Video

A week ago, Beyoncé dropped 17 new videos on the world in the form of her new “visual album” BEYONCÉ, which rules by all non-visual album standards. Thus far, she’s kept most of those videos off the internet, only posting a few — like “Drunk In Love” and “XO” — while her team scrubs all traces of the others from the computers of everyone who didn’t play money for the album. But now the bonus track “Grown Woman,” which doesn’t appear on the album, has appeared, with a Pepsi logo attached. An early version of the Timbaland-produced track appeared in a Pepsi ad, and so now Pepsi is in the odd position of attaching itself to a weird video in which old Beyoncé footage, through the miracle of CGI is made to look like it’s singing a new Beyoncé song, and then everything just explodes into a glitched-out, acid-fried dance party. Jake Nava directs. Watch it here.

BEYONCÉ is out now on Columbia, and it continues to rule.