Watch Beyoncé Answer Fan Questions In NYC And Visit A Walmart In Tewksbury

After surprising the world by dropping her staggering self-titled album, and after absolutely owning popular culture for the last week and a half, Beyoncé appeared at New York’s School Of Visual Arts over the weekend. She was there for a screening of all the videos from BEYONCÉ, but she also took a few minutes to answer questions that fans had posted on Instagram. She mostly talks in vague but heartfelt inner-strength aphorisms, talking about how the album’s release was a big risk and how she wasn’t sure whether it would work, which seems real enough. One neat trivia note: In filming videos like “XO,” she’d keep the song playing in an earbud, just so the assembled public couldn’t hear the thing. Watch the Q&A session below.

(via Consequence Of Sound)

And here’s bonus video of Beyoncé shopping and handing out gift cards at a Walmart in Tewksbury on Friday. Walmart, unlike Amazon and Target, is stocking her new CD…

BEYONCÉ is out now on Columbia.

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