Migos – “Charles Barkley”

At this rate, by the time Migos get around to releasing Y.R.N. 2, the whole damn thing’s already going to be up on SoundCloud. Not that we’re complaining at Stereogum HQ; these guys stay making the audio equivalent of bubbly, sugary carbonated soda. Today’s offering is “Charles Barkley,” an appropriate companion piece for our first taste from the project, “Emmitt Smith.” It’s a collaboration with “Versace” producer Zaytoven, and it boasts a relentlessly giddy hook to rival that song’s iconic inanity. Press play below, but be prepared to pronounce “Barkley” as a three-syllable word from now on.

Y.R.N. 2 is expected out in January. In the meantime, heed Migos’ advice this holiday season and “Eat that damn broccoli!”

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