Sensitive Indie Rockers Of The World Unite

Long time no post. Both very busy and sick (and my Sidekick broke — the horror!), but hott MP3s and gossip coming soon. In the meantime, thanks as always to the readers for sharing…

  • Corley writes:

    Kind Of Like Spitting takes on Big Star, the Karl Hendricks Trio, Yo La Tengo, and the GZA, too! You’ll probably find the GZA track pretty interesting if not out-and-out hilarious, especially when Ben inserts a verse of his own concoction that knocks both Sub Pop and Barsuk. (In an effort to intiate some Left Coast indie beef? Well, not really, but it’s funny nonetheless.) And the rest? They are merely fantastic.
    MP3: Kind Of Like Spitting – “Thirteen” (Big Star cover)

  • Nhia NPR Intern writes:

    Sufjan was featured on All Things Considered playing the song he wrote about the small town of Brinkley, Ark. Two independent producers Dan Collinson and Elizabeth Meister were curious to find out how Stevens wrote his songs so they picked the small town and interviewed residents about their town’s story. They then sent the interview to Sufjan, who wrote this exclusive song.
    MP3: Sufjan Stevens – “The Lord God Bird” (NPR Exclusive)

  • Kris writes:

    So my brother is on the organizing committee for PDX Pop Now! music festival, which showcases Portland music. I got an advance copy of the compliation which, among other things, has an unreleased Decemberists demo. I asked if I could post them on the internets, and they didn’t say I couldn’t. So I did. Decemberists, Menomena, and Copy. Anyway, as a Decemberists fan, I thought you’d be interested.
    MP3: The Decemberists – “From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea)” (Demo)

    Bought the new Pernice Brothers CD today. Review TK!

    UPDATE: Oops about the Decemberists track. Thanks Brooklyn Vegan for the heads up, and for this link to Sufjan acoustic at WNYC.