David Simon At Work On Pogues Musical

David Simon is the co-creator of The Wire and arguably the greatest cantankerous genius ever to work in the medium of television, and he’s also a vocal and longtime Pogues fan. He used a bunch of Pogues songs on The Wire — including “The Body Of An American” during one of my favorite scenes in the show’s history — and he cast Pogues member Spider Stacy as street musician James “Slim Jim” Lynch on season two of Treme. And so it’s very good news that Simon is now working on a stage musical involving the band’s music.

Rolling Stone reports that Simon, perhaps not the first person you’d think of when you hear the phrase “musical theater,” was working with Pogues guitarist Phil Chevron on the play before Chevron died in October. Simon has completed his first draft of the play, and supposedly it’ll be produced by an Irish theater company called the Druid. According to Dublin’s Evening Herald, the play is still years away from opening, but the mere fact of its eventual existence is one more reason to get up in the morning.