Drake – “Trophies” & “We Made It Freestyle (Feat. Soulja Boy)”

Drake – “Trophies” & “We Made It Freestyle (Feat. Soulja Boy)”

Last month Drake promised four or five new songs before New Year’s, and two of them arrived over the weekend as free downloads, a pair of triumphant, trumpet-laden tracks called “Trophies” and “We Made It Freestyle.” The former is a Rocky-reminiscent Hit-Boy production that transfuses Drake’s trademark passive aggression into a victory lap that would appear to be a reference to Drake getting shut out of the major Grammy categories if it wasn’t widely identified as a Nothing Was The Same outtake. (Key phrase: “I’m just trying to stay alive and take care of my people/ And they don’t have no award for that.”) And anyhow Drake did win a Grammy not that long ago. The latter is a remix of Soulja Boy’s swaggering “We Made It” that finds Drake copping that “Versace” cadence again while bragging about getting head from someone who works at the Walgreens corporate office. Both songs bang; download them below.

Drake – “Trophies”

Drake – “We Made It Freestyle (Feat. Soulja Boy)”

Nothing Was The Same is out now via Young Money, and it is one of the 50 best albums of 2013.

UPDATE: Check out Migos’ update of “Tropies” here.

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