Shut Up, Dude: The 50 Best Comments Of 2013

Remember all the fun we had in 2013? Remember Billy Corgan’s furniture commercial? Remember the $5,700 Boards Of Canada 12″? Remember the National’s six hour “Sorrow”? Remember Lysandre? Tomorrow will mark 12 years since I started Stereogum, and it’s thanks to you guys — your awesome tips, comments, and shares — that it’s still around. Thanks! (Really!) This year (and this month) even saw our highest traffic ever, by far. We have many reasons to be excited about music in 2014, and a lot of cool programming coming to the site, but first we gotta take a scroll down memory lane (nailed it) and congratulate each other on all the clever responses made this year. Here are your highest rated comments of 2013…

#50 jake price | Jun 14th Score:43

I’m fairly new to Stereogum, but I’ve been able to form a general idea on how comment voting works here:

disagreeing with the consensus: -2 to -10
including a gif: +5 to +15
asking a rhetorical question: +1 to +5
being a new member and posting a guide to how the comment voting on Stereogum works: ???

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#49 kilgore trout | Nov 21st Score:44

Bravo, young lady.

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#48 Tom Breihan | Feb 8th Score:44

Blinkered, disdainful ignorance of mass culture is probably my least favorite thing about indie culture.

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#47 fistofan0077 | Dec 13th Score:44

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David Fox | Dec 3rd Score:45

I understand that Yeezus is pretty great, challenging and uncompromising music. But album of the year, particularly this year, really? The lyrics are just too weak for it to hold that title for me. Props for Deafheaven’s deservedly high ranking, though.

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#44 plastic pants | May 8th Score:45

Can you buy me a copy on vinyl?

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Brock Boonstra | Jan 16th Score:45

Yoshimi that low? I want your badge and gummy skull on my desk by morning.

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Connor Hughes | Feb 8th Score:45

Is it alright if I’m just neutral towards them, is that cool?

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Corky Anderson | Apr 19th Score:45

Nathan Christensen, you beckoned, I came.

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#40 undergroundspoon | May 9th Score:45

And now a moment of silence for the absence of “Nothing Ever Happened.”

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#39 carson | Jan 16th Score:46

Haha, the Stereogum rule of “take the generally agreed upon best album and take it out of the No. 1 spot” is in FULL effect here.
This is the Stereogummiest one yet.

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#38 honlads | Feb 8th Score:46

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Kyle Culbert | Jan 8th Score:47

I hate the internet.

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#36 KiDCHAIR | Apr 19th Score:47

Correction: a song by Daft Punk about staying up all night desperately trying to get laid.

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#35 Cerebus | Jan 31st Score:47

Aaahaahahahahahaahaha! No.

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#34 rubberjohnny0829 | Feb 2nd Score:47

Enjoy life bro. Be like tyler. He gets hate all the time but he still loves his life. And guess what, I just upvoted your comments. What’s that? RJ’s a good guy? Why yes, Stereogum, old RubJohn is a good fuckin guy.

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David Mania Worthington | Feb 19th Score:47

Downvote this if you don’t like it.

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#32 michael_ | Jul 5th Score:47

Jay-Z really phoned this one in.

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#31 dbr | May 19th Score:49

Seems pretty Yeezy to me.

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#30 kilgore trout | Nov 12th Score:49

I really hope Justin can get through this difficult period in his life. Praying for ya, JT!

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#29 seanpen15 | Nov 27th Score:49

Goin’ for the worst this week?

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Stephen Fish | Jan 17th Score:50

On a more serious note, and I know this will probably be unpopular, I actually love Midnite Vultures and I’m sad nothing made the cut. Sexx Laws? Get Real Paid? Peaches & Cream? Milk & Honey? All great songs!

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#27 Scott Lapatine | Mar 4th Score:50

Hey “davidbowie,”
You share an IP address with recipebear! And Corky Anderson, obvs.

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John French | Jan 31st Score:51

No Spottieottiedopaliscious?!? GTFO the internet.

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Corey Minagh | Feb 8th Score:52


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#24 Michael_ | Mar 1st Score:52

You know what would be a great way for 2013?s indie culture to go back to 2003?s? If content on large music websites wasn’t driven by online advertising goals.

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#23 mickrandom26 | Oct 25th Score:52

Yeezus isn’t number one. This list is invalid.

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#22 Tim Martinez | May 15th Score:53

*scrolls to the bottom to make sure “All My Friends” is #1*

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#21 honlads | Jun 14th Score:53

“Blood on the Leaves” at 1:07. Hot damn.

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#20 crania americana | Sep 27th Score:53

May I suggest the following thinkpieces:

- F is for Drake: The Aubrey Graham/Orson Welles Connection
– Drake Boss: The Cake Boss/ Aubrey Graham Connection
– Top of the Drake: Aubrey Graham, Jane Campion, and Patriarchy
– Drake, Rattle, and Roll: How Aubrey Graham is Redefining Rock and Roll
– I’ve Made a Huge Misdrake: The Arrested Development of Aubrey Graham
-”I’m cold and I am shamed, lying [Drake]d on the floor”: Celebrating 16 Years of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn,” Which is Basically a Drake Song, When You Think About it.

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‘ChrisMason’ Mason | Feb 18th Score:54

Bieber is looking more and more like my aunt’s “life partner”.

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Kyle Culbert | Jun 28th Score:54

I don’t ever care about lists like this, but if you’re going to tell me Adele made one of the 20 best albums ever, I’m going to tell you to never speak to me again.

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#17 crania americana | Dec 11th Score:55

I for one admire the #BreakFree campaign and thought I’d share my tale of how I broke free in 2013. I’ve chosen to #BreakFree by joining an anti-government militia. We’ve formed a colony and are asserting our sovereignty as a way to #BreakFree from the fascist oligarchy that is the Obama administration. To #BreakFree from this unjust socialist hellscape, we have occupied a large swath of land in the Idaho wilderness, acquired a formidable arsenal of weapons, and built turrets to repel any attacks from invaders attempting to sign us up for Obamacare and tax our hard-earned dollars in order to fund abortions and “the arts.” While the rest of American sinks into a hell of its own making due to its multiculturalist, pro-sodomy, anti-freedom policies, we’ll be waiting out the apocalypse with the assistance of God’s grace, 250 pocket-sized copies of the US Constitution, and our stockpile of high-powered weaponry. So #BreakFree indeed! By the way, I love Bowling for Soup! Glad to see they’re doing well.

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#16 honlads | Apr 29th Score:56

An MBV album, a Bowie album, Daft Punk on the way, Arrested Development in May, Boards of Canada on the way, NMH are back…
2013 you sonuvabitch.

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Alex Lees | Nov 27th Score:56

This was a bad idea

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#14 fartbasket | Oct 24th Score:57

this album is perfect, but it sucks.

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#13 crania americana | Feb 24th Score:58

“Kanye West doesn’t care about business people.” – George W. Bush.

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#12 crania americana | Feb 4th Score:59

Here’s hoping that “Ya Hey” is a cover of “Hey Ya” in reverse.

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#11 marko | Nov 21st Score:59

Hahaha. A “Where’s the Beef?” article related to Veganism.

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#10 scruffy | Jan 28th Score:60

I don’t see how forcing A$AP Rocky into retirement will help Chris Brown’s career.

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 28th Score:65

chris brown was all

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 28th Score:70

and then frank was all

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 28th Score:71

and then rihanna was just like

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Andy Johnson | Nov 21st Score:74

This reminds me of my favorite vegan joke:

Q: How do you know if there’s a vegan at your party?

A: Don’t worry, they’ll let you know.

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#5 honlads | Feb 8th Score:80

You honour, my client is clearly insane…

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Simon Chapman | Feb 28th Score:80

Watch out, Stereogum, you’ll soon incur the wrath of Morrissey for consistently including him in a feature with the word “Beef” in the title.

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#3 Tommy | Apr 29th Score:83

Thanks Obama.

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#2 dbr | Feb 18th Score:84

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Corey Minagh | Feb 8th Score:102


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