Graveborne – “Men Behind The Sun” (Stereogum Premiere)

In last month’s Black Market, I ran down a list of bands whose forthcoming releases make 2014 an exciting proposition. On that list was Graveborne, a Finnish band set to release their sophomore album, Through The Window Of The Night, later this month. Finland isn’t especially known for its black metal exports — this is a country where folk metal reigns; it’s responsible for Ensiferum, Turisas and Finntroll — which is perhaps why Graveborne sounds suspiciously like a product of Sweden: hard-hitting, concise, richly melodic; a descendant of Dark Funeral and Dissection, a cousin of Watain and Valkyrja. The first song premiered off Through The Window Of The Night, “Tiesi Pa?a?ha?n,” is probably my favorite metal song of 2014 so far; it doesn’t attempt to reinvent black metal, it just takes some of the genre’s most exciting components and amplifies them to intoxicating levels, while subtracting everything that might be considered superfluous. Today, we’re premiering Through The Window Of The Night closer “Men Behind The Sun,” which is another fine example of Graveborne at their anthemic, adrenaline-boosting best. Below that, check out “Tiesi Pa?a?ha?n,” which remains one of the young year’s real highlights, IMO.

Through The Window Of The Night is out 1/20 via Seance.

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