Coinye Launches Early Following Cease-And-Desist From Kanye

Last week, we learned of the impending launch of Coinye West, a new Bitcoin-esque cryptocurrency inspired by Kanye West. The people behind Coinye talked about how they hoped to get West on board and how they were happy to send him a big pile of their imaginary play money, but the real Kanye was evidently not amused. As SPIN points out, the Wall Street Journal reports that West’s lawyer Brad Rose has sent the makers of Coinye a cease-and-desist letter, promising to take legal action against any business that would accept the currency. But the people behind Coinye aren’t stopping their plans. They launched the cryptocurrency last night.

A few adjustments: The team behind Coinye has dropped the “West” from the name, turning it into simply Coinye, and they’ve changed their website to one with an Indian domain. They’ve also changed their logo to one that riffs on the South Park “gay fish” spoof of Kanye. Their Twitter remains unchanged, and it is still ridiculous.

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