Speedy Ortiz – “American Horror”

One of the great pleasures of my December was watching Western Mass alt-rock powerhouse Speedy Ortiz, between Breeders tour dates, headline a tiny Columbus coffee shop/bar hybrid alongside fellow Best New Bands honorees All Dogs. The whole show ripped, but the new material especially ripped. Besides “Everything’s Bigger,” which had just been released, another song earmarked for the upcoming Real Hair EP blew my God-given follicles back. The mystery song was a guitar monster the likes of which I’ve rarely encountered, as if Radiohead’s “Just” had a baby with Helium’s Pirate Prude EP back in the ’90s and it the offspring was now flexing its muscles, roaring uncouthly, and all in all relishing its adolescence. That song, it turns out, is called “American Horror,” and you can hear it below.

Real Hair is out 2/11 via Carpark.

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