Watch Katy B Cover One Direction’s “Story Of My Life”

Katy B is kinda-famous for translating way-out dance-music sounds into fun, approachable pop music, but she’s also very much a part of the present-day British pop-music firmament. That makes her, in a way, a peer of world-conquering boy band One Direction, whose recent ballad “Story Of My Life” she covered in a recent live-in-studio session for the British radio show In:Demand. Katy’s version, done with just keyboard accompaniment, is both entirely sincere and absolutely winning, to the extent that the song loses its boy-band associations by the second chorus. Check it out below.

(via Pitchfork)

Katy’s album Little Red is out 2/10 on Rinse/Columbia; check out the great singles “I Like You” and “Crying For No Reason.”