Trentemøller – “Gravity” (Feat. Jana Hunter) Video (Feat. Oscar Isaac)

The actor Oscar Isaac is supposed to be great in Inside Llewyn Davis, but I haven’t seen that movie yet, so I mostly still know him as the husband from Drive. And I’m happy to report that the husband from Drive is once again great in Danish producer Trentemøller’s video for “Gravity,” a collaboration with Lower Dens singer Jana Hunter from last year’s Lost album. In the video, he’s once again involved in shady cash-only automotive business transactions in the city of Los Angeles. This time, though, his scheme seems way less practical, and only marginally less dangerous, than the dirt he was doing in Drive. Tue Walin Storm and Elvira Lind direct. It’s a great video, a total lock for the 5 Best Videos list next week, and you can watch it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Lost is out now on In My Room.