Weezer’s “We Are All On Drugs” Video

When we were talking Weezer a few months back, few of you were impressed by the band’s latest album, especially the tune “We Are All On Drugs.” But I’m gonna recommend you all check out the video for it anyway: it’s just Weezer’s song married with footage from Grim Reaper’s ’85 video for “Fear No Evil.” Apparently the clip is only for international outlets (i.e., you won’t see it on American MTV).

It has axes and a werewolf and shit. No Weezer, no Playboy Mansion. Watch the full video. (Windows Media)

If Weezer had commissioned it from scratch, it would be genius. But even as repurposed randomness it’s still pretty funny.

Apparently Rivers was a fan of the British metal group in his formative years. Which isn’t really surprising if you look at his yearbook photo.

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