New Metallica – “The Day That Never Comes”

If “Shackler’s Revenge” didn’t slake your thirst for the heroes of yesterdecade, here’s another shot. As they’ve made unavoidably clear, Death Magnetic Metallica is all about bringing it back to the classic era. Clocking in at 7:56, you’d think this was the track to make good on that. And you’d be right! For the last three minutes. And if “bringing it back” means “rewriting old songs.” At 5:00 “The Day That Never Comes” becomes the last half of “One.” (Literally.) Before that, it’s “Unforgiven” meets “Fade To Black.” (But not really as good as that. James says: “Love is a four letter word / You’re in this prison.” We say: Ooph, James said that.) Kirk still shreds. In a sentence: new Metallica is derivative of old Metallica. But what did you expect. Hear it at MySpace. (They’re also streaming that live version of “”Cyanide.”)

UPDATE: Looks like Metallica no likey MySpace. You can still hear the full track at, although you’ll have to negotiate their horrible streaming player.

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