Stream Against Me! Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Transgender Dysphoria Blues, the new album from the great Florida punk band Against Me!, is their first in four years, and they’re a very different Against Me! from the one who released White Crosses in 2010. The new album is the first since the band left behind the major-label universe, the first since half the band left and was replaced, and, most importantly, the first since frontman Tom Gabel became frontwoman Laura Jane Grace. It’s also an absolute monster of an album, a furious punk-rock clarion call that brings crunchy, gritty, anthemic vigor in ways that nobody really pulls off anymore. It’s easily the best 2014 album I’ve yet heard, a tremendously bracing and pleasurable musical experience. We’ve already posted early tracks “FUCKMYLIFE666” and “Black Me Out,” and those are great. But it’s Monday morning, and you really need to hear the whole album. You can now do that. Stream it at NPR.

Transgender Dysphoria Blues
is out 1/21 on the band’s own Total Treble label.

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