Lesbians Love Gwen Stefani

Reader Catherine gives us the heads up about a Stereogum shoutout in lesbian mag Curve. Transcribed by Beacon Street Online:

Why Gwen Is A Lesbian Icon
If you have to ask why Gwen Stefani is our cover girl, we’d like to officially check your lesbian credentials. When we decided Gwen Stefani ws going to grace the cover of Curve, we couldn’t be happier. But why? After all, she’s not gay. But what every dyke who came to age in the 90’s knows is that Stefani, with her ska skater-boy clothes and her aggro girl polemics – has been one of the few mainstream musicians young lesbians can cling to. Stefani’s name elicits a lot of lesbian love, even on primarily straight fan sites like Sterogum.com [sic], where a debate over the merits of the first single off Stefani’s solo CD was drowned out by “I love yous” from her queer girl fans.

“I think im her biggest lesbian fan,” Laura gushes on the site. “Her voice and her beauty will take her anywhere she wants to go. Damn, she is one sexy woman!”

Can’t argue with that.