YACHT – “Plastic Soul” Video

While 2011’s Shangri-La was primarily marked by frenetic bursts of energy like “Utopia” and “I Walked Alone,” YACHT’s new single is probably the softest and most laidback song they’ve released to date. It’s filled with YACHT’s typical New Age platitudes, such as “Hey, the world is old / But I am young and dumb and rightful free” and “We’re indifferent to where, when, and how money’s spent.” The video was shot in Gulf Shores, Alabama and sees the band playing on the beach and setting off fireworks. It’s not clear if this is the start of another album cycle or another one-off like last year’s “Second Summer,” but it’s a welcome return for the duo. Listen to the song and read some words from YACHT about the video below.

From the press release:

It’s 2014, and you’ve awoken to find yourself alone for the first time in months. Your serotonin levels are at an all-time low. For as long as you can remember, you’ve been relentlessly battered by millions of corporate dollars targeted directly at your valuable eyeballs. And it’s still boring. Snapchat sucks. You’ve even worn out the most exciting long-player that came wrapped in non-disclosure agreements just to delight you. When you think you’re losing it, this is your theme song.

The single is available to download now via DFA and features remixes from DNTEL and Gramme.