Dear Rob Thomas

This month’s “Dear Superstar” column in Blender finds Rob Thomas answering reader questions, but they all want to ask him about is getting high.

MATCHBOX22 (WICHITA, KS): Where do you get your cheeba from?
ROB THOMAS: Well, in New York or L.A., there are delivery services that are really easy to get ahold of. They’re wonderful. I wish we could give them a plug–wouldn’t that be great? But in the suburbs, it’s just not flying around out there. And you don’t want to start going down the streets and be like, “Hey, kids, how you doing? No, I’m not Rob Thomas–just another spliffhead, that’s me.”

GOODOLBOY (LUBBOCK, TX): What’s Willie Nelson’s “supply” like?
ROB THOMAS: It’s good, but I set him up with even better. I set him up with a great L.A. connection, this guy who also makes heavy, Satanic, dark-prince music. So I got a call once from Willie saying he needed to know how to get the number for that “devil weed.”

CAPNCHRONIC (DOVER, PA): What’s the stupidest thing that you’ve ever done high?
ROB THOMAS: Once, when I was 19 or 20, and I was on way too much acid at a Halloween party, we decided that we loved the way our hands looked when we’d pick up dry ice and hold onto it and then let it go. I swear to God, the next day my hands were like one big blister.

PIERREPLANE (DETROIT, MI): What’s the worst album to listen to on acid?
ROB THOMAS: I can’t remember which album, but it was a Skinny Puppy record. It just fucked me up. I mean fucked me up. It was some girl, I was having sex. It was like a bad Rob Zombie movie wrapping itself around me. It was her idea. She was some goth girl with her Skinny Puppy and her acid. These are the reasons why I don’t do this shit anymore.

L_MANDRAKE (YPSILANTI, MI): How much do you have to eat to stay fat while doing coke?
ROB THOMAS: Good question … Three in the morning, you’re coming down and you just want to eat something. There’s a two-year period at the beginning of this band that I don’t even remember.

Perhaps someone should give Rob a link to that new Weezer video. And an intervention.

UPDATE: Duh, I should’ve noted the Scientology connection. Obviously Rob wants us to know he approves of Ritalin.