Stone Jack Jones – “State I’m In” Video (Feat. Patty Griffin) (Stereogum Premiere)

Self-described “ambient folk musician” Stone Jack Jones’ third album Ancestor is coming this March via Western Vinyl, and its single “State I’m In” now has a video. The song is a smoky lament that comes off like a slightly jazzier Spiritualized, its bleary swoon marked by lightly flickering trumpet parts. Legendary folk singer Patty Griffin lends backing vocals to the track. And if “State I’m In” reminds you of a gently sighing Yo La Tengo ballad, that’s partially because longtime YLT producer Roger Moutenot was behind the boards for Ancestor. Here’s Jack on the video:

at play with the muse is the “state i’m in,” and the muse at play with me; “let the music begin.” my friend elle long as my muse…type casting, with long time collaborator & friend zack spiger behind the super 8! camera.

after some lazy moody play with elle as the puppet master, we come to the looking glass and transport to “long hunter park” and nature illustrates play in the imagination as nature seems to be someones’ imagination at play with us.

the musical conversation in the instrumental section between sven regener & ryan norris as i muse through nature is one of my favorite moments of “ancestor.”

i rejoin elle & we are both at play and now the puppet master is the mysterious one and elle & i are both being mused upon in the entwining vines.

we end with the proverbial party in the head in the background. some recorded at roger moutenots’ studio in nashville and some with sven in berlin. hence the lovely light mix of german & english.

Watch the video below.

Ancestor is out 3/4 via Western Vinyl.