Siren Festival 2005

In an effort to stay close to free beer and Port-A-Potties, Stereogum didn’t catch any of Siren’s Stillwell Stage (tell me what I missed in the comments). It was an awesome Saturday nonetheless, and I do have some rock ‘n’ roll to report. Hit Brooklyn Vegan too for Coney Island fun.

HAUNTED PUSSY greeted us on the boardwalk while we made our way to the main stage.

So freaky they deserve a link: read the band’s macabre tale here.

HA HA … typo! All the bloggers rushed to take a photo.

Stereogum enjoyed Q AND NOT U. The Dischord trio was poppier than expected.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Q And Not U – “Wonderful People” (MP3)

Post-show I learned they’re on a farewell tour. [Frowny emoticon.] Catch ‘em while you can.

DUNGEN’s Ta De Lugnt finally gets a domestic release (2CD on Kemado) in a few weeks. Check out Gustav Ejstes’ groovy flute from Vastergotland.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Dungen – “Panda” (MP3)

These Swedes’ psychfolk is even more impressive once you realize the band is 70% hair.

Gawker and Low Culture were equally terrible at Dance Dance Revolution. They haven’t studied the new Bees video.

BRENDAN BENSON teaches us his patented Alternative To Love.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Brendan Benson – “Alternative To Love” (MP3)

Detroit singer/songwriter is so hott right now.

SPOON played all the fan faves. “Everythings Hits At Once,” “That’s The Way We Get By.” I turned my camera on (Sorry. -Ed.) to document Britt’s smile.

ROB and MISS MODERNAGE had never seen Spoon before.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Spoon – “I Turn My Camera On” (MP3)

Every Siren act is contractually obligated to mention the Cyclone. This was the best I could do getting Spoon and the famed wooden rollercoaster in the same shot.

Special thanks to everyone at The Voice, Nathan Handwerker, and the Warriors.

If anyone went to Intonation let’s hear about it…