Watch Jay Z Play Some “Pagan Poetry” As Björk Attends His Concert On Long Island

Björk has been living in New York for a while now, and if you’re in New York and you get a chance to see Jay Z live, you go; duh. Last night, Björk went to Jay’s show at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum, and Jay shouted her out from the stage as his band played a piece of her “Pagan Poetry.” That’s not even one of her big singles! This is clearly the best rap tribute to Björk since RZA said “talk strange like Björk” on Wu-Tang’s “Reunited.” Check out video below.

(via Consequence Of Sound)

Jay will be performing at next Sunday’s Grammys, and he will almost certainly not do anything this cool there.

[Photo by Scott Legato @ Auburn Hills, via Getty Images]

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