New Shugo Tokumaru – “Green Rain”

You’ll often come across references to Cornelius when people talk up Shugo Tokumaru. At first blush it may seem lazy — both artists come to us from Japan, see — but it isn’t for lack of imagination. Actually it’s on account of imagination, on both artists’ part, for the way they deal with and digest Western pop idioms. Tokumaru’s third album Exit is getting Stateside release this fall (it’s out in Japan), which is good news for people who like good music. The 28 year old plays every note, sings in Japanese, and has a breezy easiness in being totally inventive. “Green Rain” is our track for your sampling, just another instance of Shug’s taking familiar touchstones (the Beatles are all over this one) into more eclectic and fantastical spaces. (Toy marching band? Willy Wonka candy coated dream factory? You tell me.)

Shugo Tokumaru – “Green Rain” (MP3)

Exit is out in Japan via p-vine, and in the States on 9/2 via Almost Gold. While you’re waiting, check out Night Piece and L.S.T..