Watch No Age’s Kickass Letterman Performance, “I Won’t Be Your Generator” Video

It’s hard for a DIY band to translate the urgency of its live show to a late-night TV setting, but credit L.A. art punks No Age with doing the best job I’ve seen any band do in a while. Last night on the Late Show With David Letterman, the band draped white sheets all over the set and made it look like a weird gallery, and then they fucking rippped through “C’Mon Stimmung,” a song from last year’s album An Object. The band, in fact, shared a bill on the show with fellow skate-culture product Spike Jonze; see above. Jonze, sadly, did not direct the band’s brand-new video, for the An Object track ‘I Won’t Be Your Generator.” Instead, it’s an arty inanimate-objects montage from director Oliver Payne. Watch that video and the great Letterman performance below.

An Object is out now on Sub Pop.