“Voldemort Can’t Stop The Rock”

Congrats to Vicky on landing her first U.S. News & World Report cover story! It’s all about Harry Potter and includes a sidebar we thought would interest Stereogum readers:

With his packed schedule of quidditch practice, potions homework, and battles with pesky Death Eaters, Harry Potter probably doesn’t have time to start a band. But he does have fans who will do that for him, in particular brothers Paul DeGeorge, 26, and Joe DeGeorge, 18, who don Brit schoolboy duds and rock out?mainly at libraries and bookstores?as the group Harry and the Potters.

Both brothers appear on stage as Harry, and they sing original tunes?with titles like “My Teacher Is a Werewolf” and “The Wrath of Hermione”?from the boy wizard’s perspective. “Harry is very independent with a DIY [do-it-yourself] mentality,” Paul explains. “He’s very punk rock.”

Listen here. They’re touring libraries this summer. Good luck with Pitchfork, boys.