Grammys 2014: Comment Party & Drinking Game

It’s time for Stereogum & Videogum’s Grammys Comment Party, a lively discussion of the Recording Academy’s recognition of outstanding achievement by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. You probably heard that this year’s ceremony will stage on-air nuptials of 34 couples during the hip-hop duo’s performance of marriage-equality anthem “Same Love.” Queen Latifah will officiate and Madonna will sing the chorus. In other words, your dream wedding, complete with thousands of people making fun of it on Twitter. And there will be plenty of other notable live pairings where that came from: Kendrick Lamar x Imagine Dragons; Jay Z x Beyoncé; Robin Thicke x Chicago; Metallica x Lang Lang; Daft Punk (in white helmets!) x Stevie Wonder; and NIN x QOTSA x Dave Grohl x Lindsey Buckingham closing the show. There’s the In Memoriam segment, honoring artists who died in 2013, which Lou Reed should win handily (or is that not a contest?). The Beatles will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award (how has that not happened already?). And someone — possibly Sara Bareilles, but not Kanye West — will take home Album Of The Year. LL Cool J hosts again so you’ll need some liquid courage to make it through the ordeal. We asked Kelly Videogum to share Grammys 2014 Drinking Game rules for those of you who want to make a sport of it; scroll down for that. We’ll be updating the site in real time with GIFs, tweets, videos, and a winners list in addition to mixing it up with all of you in the comments. The show starts at 8PM EST, but the red carpet is happening now. Let’s do this, we’re up all night for good fun, the ceiling can’t hold us, etc.






Drink every time…

  • You hear the nominees for a category and for a moment think you have been transported back to the ’70s.
  • Lorde is shown doing her Lorde dance while another artist performs.
  • You think, “Wait, is there a host?” And then, “Oh, right. It’s LL Cool J.”
  • Taylor Swift says something that could be construed as being about one of her ex-boyfriends. 
  • (And take another drink if the camera cuts to a shot of a young man in the audience.)
  • Someone makes a Justin Bieber joke.
  • You see Beyoncé. (You may limit your drinking during Beyonce’s performance to one [1].)
  • There is a notable Kanye West reaction shot.
  • Bruno Mars is shown wearing a hat.
  • Katy Perry looks uncomfortable with all of the Sara Bareilles nods.
  • Taylor Swift makes her classic “surprised” face.
  • You want to give Drake a hug.
  • You wonder if you should know who Hunter Hayes is, and also is he old enough to be up so late?

Finish your drink if…

  • One of Daft Punk’s helmets falls off.
  • Another “Who is Bonnie Bear?“-style of Twitter confusion erupts.

Take your drink and go to Heaven if…

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