Nai Harvest – “Hold Open My Head” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Nai Harvest – “Hold Open My Head” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

We posted “Rush” from the British emo/alt-rock duo Nai Harvest’s Hold Open My Head EP last week. Now comes the video for the title track, a low-budget affair assembled by the band and Christian Sinclair. Musically, “Hold Open My Head” is another guitar-pop winner that could be a time capsule from 20 years back. This one starts out sounding like your average cathartic emo slow-build, but it blooms into a vibrant angst-ridden pop song when the chorus hits. I’m still picking up a Lemonheads vibe from these two, which is just stupendous. Maybe a little Soul Asylum and Nirvana too? Pick your own delightful ’90s reference point as you watch below.

Hold Open My Head is out 3/3 in the U.K. via Dog Knights Productions and 3/4 in the U.S. via Topshelf.

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