Lollapalooza ’05

Reviews are coming in from this weekend’s Lollapalooza fest in Chicago. The major gripe (aside from the crazy heat) seems to be the close proximity of the main stages, which made it difficult to hear. Imagine Brian Jonestown Massacre’s psychedelic jams drowned out by the emo power ballads of Dashboard Confessional. Predictably Anton Newcombe was not pleased. USA Today’s Whitney Matheson reports

As for the Brian Jonestown Massacre, lead singer Anton Newcombe had a few choice words for Dashboard Confessional, who could be heard playing across the field. “You can go (expletive) yourself,” he said. “Party over here, (expletive) you over there.”

More of USA Today’s favorite moments from BJM’s set:

  • Anton Newcombe raised his beercan to toast the mothers of the world.
  • Newcombe continued to criticize Dashboard Confessional, saying he would use the band’s photo as “birth control” and promised to start his next song “as soon as Jon Bon Jovi shuts the (expletive) up.”
  • Newcombe paused to tell a “dirty joke” to the crowd. (The joke in its entirety: “The white horse fell in the mud.”)
  • The group constantly debated how long to play but ended up fulfilling its hourlong promise with several songs and two 10+ minute jams.

  • Such pros. Good thing Clapton didn’t play.

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