New Ra Ra Riot Video – “Ghost Under Rocks”

Earlier this week we went up to Syracuse with Ra Ra Riot for a live take of The Rhumb Line’s “Too Too Too Fast.” The production values were high and the sound crisp, but still, it was a live clip. “Ghost Under Rocks” is a proper video for the orch-pop band, with director Brian Savelson at the helm. It’s not too much different than the live vid really, in that the band is simply performing and the song is very good, although the ropes and world map do somehow fit the need to examine dreams, and letting the frequent fliers be, and etc. It’s somehow sweet and sad at once. Ra Ra Riot is one of those bands that’s growing on me, quickly.

(via Subterranean)

The Rhumb Line is out via Barsuk. The following tour dates still apply:

08/22 – Baltimore, MD @ Soundgarden
08/25 – Paris, France @ Casino De Paris
08/26 – London, UK @ Madame Jojo’s
08/27 – London, UK @ Water Rats Theatre

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