Anamanaguchi – “Prom Night (2K14 Version)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Anamanaguchi had a big breakthrough after providing original songs of their chiptune-flavored pop music to the video game based on the film Scott Pilgrim. Much like how that film (hilariously) blended video-game absurdity with mundane reality, Anamanaguchi often sounds like a rock band informed entirely by Megaman and Final Fantasy soundtracks. Last year they released the fittingly titled Endless Fantasy, a double album that found them putting their spin on a different genre on nearly every track. One of the best tracks on there was “Prom Night” featuring Bianca Raquel, and now the band has remixed it to make the “2K14″ version, which boosts the bleepy-bloopy goodness even higher. Listen to it below and grab a download of the swoonier and slower “Lindsay Lowend Remix.”

Anamanaguchi – “Prom Night (Lindsay Lowend Remix)”

Endless Fantasy is out now via dream.hax