Migos – “Get Down” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

The troubled Atlanta rap eminence Gucci Mane showed up on a couple of tracks form Y.R.N., the breakout mixtape from the ascendant rap trio Migos, and Migos showed up on “Jackie Chain,” a track from Gucci’s kinda-sad recent The State Vs. Radric Davis II album. And now that Gucci is in jail and looking at serious time, this new track “Get Down” might be the last time we hear Gucci and Migos on a track together. As ever, these guys have fun bouncing syllables off of each other, though it’s not as indelible a collab as, say, “Dennis Rodman.” Listen below.

The track will appear on the forthcoming Gangsta Grillz compilation mixtape Solid Foundation. Migos have Y.R.N. 2 coming out soon, though we still don’t know when.

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