Robert Pollard Discusses His Historic No-Hitter

As a songwriter, Guided By Voices leader Robert Pollard is not known for his batting average; when he hits, he hits big, but you have to sift through a lot of strikeouts and sacrifice bunts to find the classics. Maybe that’s because in his day Pollard was more focused on E.R.A. In May 1978, he famously threw a no-hitter for Wright State University’s baseball team. Magnet recently talked to Pollard about that game, and it’s a fun read. There’s a lot of baseball talk, then they get around to comparing Pollard’s music to his baseball career:

What album of yours would you consider the aural equivalent of a no-hitter?
Of course Bee Thousand. From A Compound Eye. Alien Lanes. Moses On A Snail. It’s funny, I’ve thrown a lot of no-hitters, and I’ve never had a hit song.

Read the full interview at Magnet. GBV’s Motivational Jumpsuit is out 2/18 via Fire.