Rolly Polly Phishheads

Sure, Phish is no more … but I just had to share this with you, even if it is a two-and-a-half year old message board post. Found at Thanks Ricky for sending my way…

Posted by Phishdawg
01/24/03 7:10PM ET

I must say folks last night was the most intense night of my life. I was released from the hospital this morning, the doctor said i was lucky to be alive. With furthur tests i might have suffered slight brain damage, the doctors are at this moment unsure.
Yesterday me and a few buddies decided to drop acid, and during our trip we decide to smoke bowls. We were having a great time up until my friend said “hey i heard on a phish board that if you put gasoline in the bong it will get you way faded.” So being the stupid ass stonner that i am, i decided to indulge. We went to the local Chevron and put in $1 of premuium with techron into my 3 foot roor. I took the first hit. At first i felt really dizzy, i started vomiting, and then i passed out. That night i woke up in the hospital with the worst headache i have ever had. Needless to say i am luck to be alive.

I must warn everyone to never try anything like this again. I realize i have a slight drug problem and i am now enrolled in a treatment center. If i can give anyone advice it would be to never try anything that is out of the ordinary, no strage drug combos. BE SAFE OUT THERE PEOPLE!

That’s good advice for any concert! Learn from this dude’s mistake and don’t be toking gasoline before that Sufjan show at Merc.